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24 Apr 2021 - Crafting Release
After much delay we are pleased to finally bring you our new crafting module! Accessible now north-west of Kazordoon depot!

Equipment and weapons crafted at the forge will come as unidentified and upon identification will have a chance to roll extra attributes and abilities so don't miss out! Start your crafting and resource gathering adventures today!

Much more to come soon! Thank you for your continued support!

Posted by Krysin

08 Apr 2021 - Do you dare?

Posted by Krysin

04 Apr 2021 - The road ahead..
Hello Sanctuary patrons we’re back to update you with what
we plan to do about the current situation and where we currently stand with

What to expect now?

We are more motivated than ever and we know that we can just
surpass the latest chapter regarding a childish staff member and come out much
stronger in the end. Due to the recent turmoil our server received a major
upgrade and we have the following new features implemented:

* Incredibly enhanced stability due to moving our host into
Linux with a few source fixes
* An autobuilt antirollback system
* An improvement of 10% of the connection ping due to the
above mentioned (We've done a few optimizations into our source regarding the
connection thread, and we will continue to complete this in the coming days to
handle more than 1000 players online).

We've discussed it a lot and also decided to not do a reset
of the current world. The challenges were discouraging for a moment but
ultimately we realized we can handle both improving the current world and
preparing for a launch of a new world as well
. This should incorporate desires
of both old and new Sanctuary players and give ample hype needed to grow. The
full details of the new world I am not sure just yet and instead of deciding I
think we will rely heavily on your feedback to build a world the players want
to see so keep an eye out for feature votes and share your thoughts!


We have a few updates prepared immediately, two regarding
the fix of our current light and pathfinding systems. We've hired an amazing
programmer to work for us and spend his time pumping out content and new
additions as well helping us with bug fixes.

-The promised new dungeon system should be coming very soon according to the dev

-Massive updates to our crafting system to become available
in the following days

-Questline creation is being kicked into overdrive to produce
many new storylines, factions, side quests, and general mystery to uncover.
You’ll start to notice more hints being dropped and information coming up in
our brand new development Wiki as well.

-We’ve also made the decision to migrate to the enhanced
Otcv8 client. This is not an easy migration but it is not beyond our
capabilities it will just take a little time for all our systems to reach a
smooth operational status.

In order to help Sanctuary grow we will also be releasing a
new partnership system that will reward you for each friend invited into our
server (even if they are currently playing).

I know it’s been a bumpy last couple of days.. but I assure
you everyone is dedicated to providing the best playing experience possible
here at the real Sanctuary Online server. All the talk is just that, let our
actions speak for us now and you can see truly what we are capable of. As
always we welcome any suggestions and feedback as we travel down this road.

Lastly, please download our client for connecting to the new
linux server. https://easyupload.io/g34twg

More updates and information to come very soon. Thank you for
choosing the real Sanctuary Online!

Posted by Krysin

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