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Server Information

Here you will find all basic information about Sanctuary Online

World configuration:
Hosted in Canada (North America)
Custom RPG experience
Custom Optimized Client (OpenGL)
Anti-bot & Dll Injection protected
Automatic database backup
Game Configuration:
Loot rate: x1
Magic rate: x1
Skill rate: x1
Exp rate: x1
Battle Configuration:
Frags to Red Skull: 4
Frags to Ban: 6
Frag duration: 12h
Unjustified player killing ban time: 7 days.
Final ban time: 30 days.
Red skull disappear when all frags gone.
Modified speed formula
Mining System
Blacksmithing System
Shrines System
Waypoint System
Demonic Boss System
Diabolic Boss System
Item Upgrade System
In-Game Highscores
Client Ingame Character Creation
Smooth Rune Aiming
Party EXP Boost
Oldschool UHTrap
Advanced Task System
Live Cast system (Cast gives you 10% more exp if you enable it without password)
Backpack Config Autosave System (loads backpacks as you had them on last logout)
Extra Side Panels
Guild War System
InGame Events(Snowball Fight, Tron Carts, Gambling, Etc.)
Traveling Rashid System
Blessing System
All spells, promotion, etc available for free accounts
Premium account gives 10% experience and Rashid access
Make Runes directly from Backpacks
One-click Gold Conversion
Much more, check us out in-game!

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